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StarFire 3.2

More Wonder & Faster With Starfire


New generation of 3.2m ECO Roll to Roll printer with maximum print speed 248m2/h .



New generation of 3.2m ECO Roll to Roll printer.

Combination of industrial body with compact design.

Successfully set performance and price in one.

Dual rail to sure the fast carriage moving.

High level leishine motor to keep high precision media step.

Recycling ink supply system to ensure printing without ink starvation.

Electronic Nozzles Flash Control, the micro jetting can be start while printer standby, to keep nozzles wet and avoid possible block. jetting frequency adjustable by software

2/4 SG 1024 printheads, easy alignment, easy maintenance, much better quality.

Industry feeding and take ip with tension system, easy handling with 100kg, media support stable media feeding without wrinkle

Independent ink purge system, avoid wasting ink and maintenance friendly.

Platform suction adjustable system, help the media to be flatbed in the printing area, give a high accuracy of dots dropping.

High strength steel body frame and high precision linear rail, less noise, crinkle resistance.

Front & middle & post heating, plus drying system, to compatible with high speed printing.

Automatic negative pressure adjustment system.

Dimatix Starfire The latest printing technology from SPECTRA

  • Redijet technology incorporating ink recirculation past the nozzle for quick startup, long standby times and reliable operation
  • Fujifilm non-wetting nozzle plate coating. reducing contamination and helping to maximize up times and reliable operation
  • Silicon MEMS architecture allowing “Printhead on a chip” construction. maximizing nozzle density and minimizing drop size.
  • Versa-drop variable-drop management, allowing greyscale printing to enhance visual print quality.
  • High Frequency operation providing high speed printing.
  • Compatibility with most inkjet ink technologies including Water based, UV, Hybrid, Oil based ceramic and the associated maintenance fluids.
  • Unique Fujifilm piezo ceramic with superior piezoelectric performance.


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